Didn't we save the whales in the 80's? Not really. Although most countries agreed to a ban on commercial whaling in 1986, the threats whales face today are more insidious than harpoons. 

Our team uses to science to identify which whale, dolphin and porpoise populations are in trouble, what their habitat needs are, and how best to protect them.

We work on marine protected areas, interactions between marine mammals and fisheries, help build capacity in low-income countries to help scientists protect marine wildlife. In addition to our award-winning research on ocean noise, we are best known for running a long-term, non-invasive research project on Pacific white-sided dolphins off northern Vancouver Island. 

Our Story

Oceans Research and Conservation Society is a registered Canadian charity founded by Drs Erin Ashe and Rob Williams. Our best-known project is Oceans Initiative, a series of science-based marine conservation efforts to identify endangered marine species and spaces, and build the evidence base to help managers protect them.


Although most of our work is based on Canada's Pacific coast, our team of scientists have worked on baleen whales in the Antarctic, river dolphins in the Amazon, belugas in the St Lawrence, marine megafauna in Indonesia, and the critically endangered southern resident killer whales that live between British Columbia and Washington state. We go wherever our work is needed.

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